Apply Online The NIPSCO Business Energy Efficiency Programs (Custom/Prescriptive/New Construction/Retro-Commissioning/Small Business Direct Install) are designed to assist customers in the implementation of projects that reduce natural gas and electric use. The TRC Trade Ally Network is for companies that provide guidance, products and services to assist NIPSCO Commercial, Industrial and Non-profit customers in implementing energy efficient measures.

Contractors are encouraged to join our Trade Ally Network to receive training and support.

Some of the benefits of joining the Trade Ally Network are:

  • Listing on our website where customers can search your services
  • Program incentives reduce the total out of pocket expense to NIPSCO customers
  • Expand your customer base
  • Receive the latest information on NIPSCO’s energy efficiency incentives
  • Exclusive invitations from TRC to program events and networking opportunities
  • Quarterly newsletters from TRC

Currently all Trade Ally or contractor requests to participate in the Small Business Direct Install Program (SBDI) will be placed on a wait list. At this time, we are not accepting additional SBDI Trade Allies.

To register to participate in the TRC Trade Ally Network:

  • Complete and submit a Trade Ally Application
  • Provide Certificate of Insurance
  • Provide at least three references

You may download and complete a PDF version of the application or proceed to the online application below.

COMPANY INFORMATION - Information in this section will be published on the website.

Company Name*
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Number of Indiana Employees
Number of Years in Business
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 Small Business Direct Install (SBDI)  Retro-Commissioning (RCx)  Custom/Prescriptive
Thanks for your interest in the Small Business Direct Install Program. At this time all contractor requests to participate in the SBDI Program will be added to our waitlist as we are currently not accepting SBDI Trade Ally applications.
This company branch is (check one):
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Minority Ownership Status (as registered within your state):
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MAIN CONTACT - List the main person responsible for C&I energy efficiency projects.

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PRIMARY SERVICE OFFERED - Check one that describes your main business type.

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 Boilers  Chillers  Consultant  Data Centers
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SECONDARY SERVICE OFFERED - Check one that describes your secondary business type.

 Architect/Engineering  Building Controls  Commercial Cooking  Compressed Air
 Electrical  HVAC  Lighting  Plumbing
 Pump Systems  Process Heating  Refrigeration  Steam
 Boilers  Chillers  Consultant  Data Centers
 Distributor  Motor & Drives  New Construction  Pipe Insulation

AREA SERVED - Check the NIPSCO service areas your company currently services in Indiana.

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CUSTOMER REFERENCES - Describe three of your company's past energy efficiency projects.

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  1. To be considered for approval to the Trade Ally Network, TRC requires: i) Completed Form 2900TA, ii) current certificate of insurance from a carrier acceptable to TRC outlining the required levels of insurance (shown on the “Faxable Request for Insurance Form” section below) and iii) proof of good standing (such as a screen shot of the Company’s BBB grade or reputable letter of recommendation).
  2. Once the “TA Approval Letter” has been sent via email to the Applicant, the Applicant has 60 days to complete an Orientation session for at least one (1) employee, although it is recommended that all sales and processing personnel attend.
  3. Trade Ally approval will automatically renew each calendar year, but shall in no event terminate later than December 31, 2021, unless otherwise suspended or terminated in accordance with these terms and conditions, or any program-specific terms and conditions.
  4. Applicant may be listed on TRC's microsite, showing the information provided on page 1 only after Applicant has completed at least one (1) project.


  1. Trade Ally agrees to actively promote NIPSCO's Energy Efficiency Program(s) as described in the Terms and Conditions section of each program incentive application.
  2. Applicant agrees to report any proposed projects to the applicable Program.
  3. TRC may distribute and publish Applicant’s name as a Trade Ally in any Program materials.
  4. Applicant understands that there will be inspections and verifications of Trade Ally work in accordance with policies and procedures of each of the NIPSCO Energy Efficiency Programs. Applicant must cooperate with these inspections and verifications, and continue to perform at an acceptable standard. Inspections will verify the project for program purposes only, and no warranty for any purpose is expressed or implied.
  5. Applicant must comply with all laws and building codes and maintain all appropriate licenses, registrations, and certifications for the work it is performing.
  6. Applicant must maintain good customer relations and complete (two) 2 projects per year.
  7. TRC or NIPSCO is not responsible for the proper disposal/recycling of any waste generated as a result of any project performed by Applicant.


  1. Participation does not constitute an endorsement by TRC or NIPSCO of any particular Trade Ally or their products, services or system designs and Applicant shall not represent to customers that the Programs or NIPSCO have endorsed the Applicant or their quality of work in any way.
  2. TRC does not expressly or implicitly warrant the performance of installed equipment.
  3. Trade Ally is not affiliated with NIPSCO in any way. NIPSCO or TRC do not guarantee the performance of the Trade Ally and is not liable for the actions of the Trade Ally and not liable for any damage caused by the installation of equipment, nor for any damage caused by the malfunction of the installed equipment.
  4. Applicant will indemnify, reimburse, hold harmless and defend NIPSCO or TRC, as well as its directors, officers and employees, agents and other consultants from any claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses of any kind, including but not limited to all fees and charges of engineers, architects, attorneys and other professionals and all court or arbitration or other disputed resolution costs arising out of or connected in any way with any act or omission of Applicant, its employees, agents or subcontractors of any tier or any other entity or person for whom Applicant is liable, in the performance or nonperformance of services as a Participant in the TRC Trade Ally Network.
  5. 5. Applicant agrees to represent its business in an ethical, professional manner and as an independent contractor and at no time will it represent its business as an agent or representative of NIPSCO or TRC. Applicant will act as an independent contractor to provide services to its customers, and no employee of Applicant will be considered, for any purpose, to be an employee, agent, partner or representative of NIPSCO or TRC.
  6. Applicant agrees that neither TRC or NIPSCO logo(s) should be used for advertising or promotions.


  1. Trade Ally status may not be assigned.
  2. Trade Ally status may be terminated without penalty by Trade Ally or by Program Representative for any reason, at any time. Written notice of termination must be sent by the terminating party to the non-terminating party by mail, fax or e-mail. When termination is initiated by written notice, termination will be effective as of the date the termination letter is received by the non-terminating party.
  3. NIPSCO reserves the right to terminate or modify the NIPSCO Energy Efficiency Incentive Program(s) at any time and without prior notice to Applicant.
  4. If Applicant does not perform at an acceptable standard and, as a result, has its participation as a trade ally terminated, Applicant will no longer be entitled to any Trade Ally benefits.

 I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.*



By my signature below, I represent that (i) I am duly authorized to submit this application on behalf of the company; (ii) the information provided in this application and any other related documents delivered to TRC, are true, accurate and complete; (iii) I have read this application in its entirety; (iv) and I understand and accept the terms and conditions contained in this application. I further understand and accept that the approval or rejection of the application is in the sole discretion of TRC and that only upon approval will applicant be a Trade Ally of TRC.

Name of Authorized Individual (Print)*